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Fidget Cube Copper the top ten teams of the North First, their camp is over there. He said, pointing to the side of fidget cube paleturquoise the lake not far away, proud wind along the direction looked, heart startled Plus the lake on the island of ten people, which Donglin clan even among the nearly 30 people to stay in the peak of the peak master, more than that side are more than Shuishuo, and Haichuan large lords and others under the command of the same, and their team People, who are exudes a terrible hostility, to the other side of the station, is so prominent around almost everyone is not willing to close them. Proud wind blink, this is the top ten teams in the north Really terrible Two people an opening, the other several clan command also their dissatisfaction Lengheng up, very consistent with the Senleng eyes fixed on him. Green deer lord had just hiding well, until finally ran out, the crowd will certainly feel that was put together, in fact, Mantel is so intended. Feel the hostility of these people, Mantelun did not panic, light laughing, said The dispute has always been the northern territory of ore mining is well known means, the Highness proposed this condition, you are nodded un., body Instantly caught in a red enveloped. Shiny shiny bald head, actually abruptly to grow a root of the blood red hair, bald middle aged Han actually soon became a full bodied hair vicious extremely fierce man. At this point, the eye than the eyes of fire than to kill Italy, no other thing In front of running fast proud wind also felt the strong energy fluctuations behind, turned around and saw the earthquake, just relax a little nervous again tightened up This this is Proud of the doubts fidget cube plum of the wind just to feel the armor of a burst of trembling, the soul came a small nine screams This is mad This is the madness of the Beamon family The big man cast a mad Not only the power of speed to enhance a large part of the coercion, pressure coercion and pain that is not feel that a murder machine, fast escape fidget cubes Higher blood Huanshou beast beast skills a lot of Guards, proud of the wind encountered is not a two, listen to the small Jiuyi explanation, to understand the terrible state of the fire eyes Beamon, the fire had been clear Beamon s boxing force to So fierce, power and then to enhance the length, it had A loud sound to the alarming roar, fire Q.

mewhat slightly blame, but proud of the wind was able to hear from the deep concern, his face could not help Yangqi a ray of delighted smile. Flesh and blood are said to be nature, is indeed the case, even if do not know her identity, fidget cube copper he will not help close to her, worried about her. Qin Shuo walking in the North territory for many years, the strength of the basic things have encountered, in the proud wind to become lords swept Bailimen attacker when aware of the bad, Haichuan three small eyes of the family V, Qi Will allow such a genius to survive Although Qin frost did not say, but he was able to think of what the wind encountered in the city, but wanted to be this little thing smart enough to successfully get rid of pursuers, but as long as the thought of fidget cube grey and black her three big lords to kill, he will Could not help fidget cube shopping but pinch a cold sweat. Stroking his head proud of the wind, looking down at her, but she was also found with a very strange Qin Shuo eyes, his head shining staring at him. The dark Xingmou bright at the moment was amazing, which glittering attachment of the shiny crystal, so he could not help but feel my heart Yi Chan, tall and vigorous body sli.e of the day Red copper, and a little celestite ore, together as a magic weapon of the main mineral off. The soul of the power of the fire of the red lotus Firelight enough to lead the main level of the following impurities in the energy refining all out, leaving only the most pure source of the purely metal liquid, the bulk of a large volume of liquid metal in the proud wind smelting Under the speed visible to the naked eye narrowing, from time to time there are golden smoke emerge. Sharp eyes of the refining device to quickly lock the mind, those golden smoke Shoulong in the past, once again aggregated into a liquid metal, proud of the wind not to impurities , for them it is extremely useful material, whatever the outcome, what These six or seven of the refining device division which is willing to waste Red Lotus Firelight temperature is extremely high, together with the dark black ore refining furnace furnace consolidation of the role of fire to strengthen the melting of the additional role of melting process is very short, this time refining the magic ring, but the most junior of the smallest things, Like the mansion is so consuming mind, pride an.the disappearance of the proud wind, the riots were almost dissipated, and the people began to whisper. Conscious, fidget cube now this future the island s many strong reluctantly restored calm. East Lin sighed and said It is not gone, she knew from fidget cube mashable the movement, so the first step to use this piece of turtle information about the special properties of magic left it.It is not bad, too much temptation of the king device, If she stay for a while, I m afraid everyone will be rushed forward to that time is not even their own people are taken fidget cube copper into account, at this time if a melee occurred, do not know and Shi s unearthed when the remaining few personal. The other several clan command also have a lingering fear of nodding, the king appeared, all eyes were traction in the past, just that moment, their minds are naturally for their own ideas for the magic weapon. This human desire for greed is indeed terrible, even the clan brothers and brothers have thrown in the back, and now want to come also ashamed. This is human nature, you do not mind. Not far from the ink cold sword faint smiles But we calm down and think about it, it will not do that, the king is good, but this The first thing.

Fidget Cube Copper lush neck rough, four command of the fighting madman, fighting is indeed a first class players, but he bowed to apologize to the people, and people a good exchange, it is difficult Things, in addition to treating the two brother Qin Shuo nine Lian respectful, this is the first time he was greeted with outsiders. Ye Yi Although the core of things because of Ye Rui Rui some stereotypes of the wind, but the brothers are also very sincere feelings, proud of the wind just for Qin Shuo his move won the goodwill of the same people, even cold heart of her nine also appreciate. No one said it, but from each clan human look to her quite friendly eyes can be seen. Looked at this scene, Qin Shuang fidget cube copper secretly relieved, since Ye Ruirui was banned proud enough to join the team after Ye Yi never Zhenggao Qiaoguo her know that he can not help but worry about the identity of the wind proud of the enemy internal team is the most undesirable today, Proud of the wind for the Qin Shuo came out of a war is to solve this problem, let his mind a large stone off the ground. Ye Yi s distress look although rare, but we care about or even the great command of Qin Shuo are gaffe sur.ing proud of a pedestrian along the mountain road quickly came to King City gates before. Before the gates quite lively, a large circle wearing armor, dressed in strength, the typical penance of those who are seven thousand seven hundred eighty eight people gathered together, looking at fidget cube copper the height of the fighting, but also from time to time to talk to each other Laughing head on the foot of some, see, this is almost the North Rangers team. Tulong clan out of the movement is not small, attracted a lot of forces to visit the strong, but their number is not much, each team is to bring about 10 or so subordinate Bale. Although the number is far less than the former Barry door to see, people can come here are lords, tens of thousands of lords to bustle together really not much, the arrival of a few wind proud of the wind did not From the attention of any person, the peak of the lord master a lot of places, a few ordinary lords, like a drop in the ocean, very inconspicuous. Arrogant wind and others just arrived fidget cube copper here, have not had time to look at the situation, the sky above the Yin Fu s abruptly distant Qing Yue shouts. Whistle clearly not loud, but like t.