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Fidget Cube By Ansty is a special treasure to hide the breath of treasure. Although the mind was proud of the black and white air was not reversed light, Qin Shuo down also restored calm, to conceal fidget cube by ansty the magic device level. Not his letter but his brother, but the quasi king device is too expensive, and God knows what will provoke a great uproar, and say it may not be believed. Lords treasure device Everyone on the spot a case of cold lump, is a mine was scared silly appearance, they finally understand why so surprised, even if Qin Shuo fidget cube lightcoral has deliberately said that a layer of low, they still do not Dare to believe. Nine refining stunned The little brother chasing clouds, Could you be 10 Star refining device division Mody Nine refining reminded, Qin Shuo brow is a challenge, and finally remembered the more important things, once again with the fidget cube rose singular glowing eyes staring proud wind Chen asked little guy, this ring is really you refining it Some time ago refining Some time ago, that the depths of the mountains issued by the terrorist forces, from the hundred miles to the king led almost all of the master have felt the power of heaven and earth is too strong to stimula.also bite a pride in order fidget cube cornsilk to protect the king is to protect the king to do so, and her relationship with Yin Fu also said through. In this way, people s eyes more and more alarmed up, looked proud of the wind, they looked at the Green Crane lord, for a time whispering one, really do not know who the letter is good. Pride the wind known to the Qinghe lord not fidget cube sounds so good to deal with, neither accident nor worry, the eyes implied deep meaning to a slightly smiled Green Crown crane so brave so small, had just in the face of my father when Zende so calm Tide House issued the first version tingcHaoge.Com Listen to this clear irony, Green Crane lord actually also do not change color, skin grin does not laugh and said crown, this and then different, then respect for our team pressure, is a dead word, of course But also to fight it, for the safety of all, in the next death pity, but now you are out of nothing under the crown, which is so I am innocent ah. Even proud of the wind have to admire the level of the Green Crane lord to speak, all kinds of hidden lines of everything, he blows himself very great righteousness, for the safety of the people only then succe.

at him, like a silver dragon guns, she picked up a random, wanton and free and easy, taking advantage of the Tu war after a move, Strokes of the moment, physique twist, the body rotated over an incredible point of view, the hands also play a full force of the powerful momentum moves. Dodge, out of the fidget cube navy gun, at one go fidget cube by ansty As if nothing to consider the use of any moves, nor through any hair move, as a shot swept over This seemingly wanton idle tricks, which contains the strength and accuracy of the degree of close proximity to feel the Tu war burst of panic, he clearly felt a huge force has locked him firmly locked, only in time straw Moved a bit of the body, to avoid the most powerful silver gun tip, and then heard pop To cry, the whole person was severely shot in the gun Upan invisible You this kid, esoteric also into the chaos level How is it possible Tu war could not help but horror to utter a cry, could not believe their own eyes However, he can not believe their own eyes, but can not believe that it fell like a mountain like strength of their own Although the gunpoint to avoid, wield the power of the same can not be underestimated gun Tu war feel a bu.ll, we missed Slightly raised his head to look at the sky brighter Haoyue, proud wind frown Road. Qinshuang Chen Sheng Road is unlikely, we divided out a dozen squad enough to King Hill around the edge of the full check to, and once the news came out, that direction will cause a sensation, you have not noticed, near the clumsy Check the squad is also a very anxious look, it seems that other forces have not found a place, we still wait, Everyone looked around, not far from the colline and the mountainside really have a shape and anxious hurry to find the dial investigation team, each nodded his head. At this time, proud of the wind, who suddenly felt a burst of earth shaking the rock, the foot of the land abruptly violent tremors up a very terrifying strong breath from the crowd not far from the front of the hill to upload, around the Road patrol team hastened to stabilize the stature with a strands of extremely surprised eyes looking toward that direction. Energy burst And Di Bi to be unearthed Quick Quick notice adults Earth tremor state in the past, the number of Road, the screams of tension will be one after another sounded the atmosphere suddenly.ent enchantment rupture, but Enchantment and his boxing force caused by the collision of trembling. The same power of Warcraft, relying on physical firepower rampant Beamon Beamon, boxing force than Arthur s terror too much, although the can not afford to break the FY government defense, but with his fist would be able to change the direction of the FY government forward, A boxing site was back and back The front of a blow, proud of the wind and do not want to reload his direct, quickly dominate the site to the dense trees fly in the past, of course, she did not expect to live with forest vegetation hidden Fengyun House, this fire clear Beamon eye gold eyes Is absolutely penetrating, no matter how Tibet can not hide, just hope that the trees in the mountains can be a little hindered his actions. But the wind has not been able to achieve the intention of the wind, the situation of the impact of the government s flying speed and not as esoteric chaos class fire Qing Beamon, just channeling in the past, Huiming Beamon huge fist is a punch from the top flight down Where to run With this road roar, the whole mansion once again boom To a strong burst of sho.

Fidget Cube By Ansty d gently stroked her UFA, that Chongni to the extreme gentle action, only to see Qin Shuang, etc. Familiar with the burst of Qin fidget cube by ansty Shuo people stunned. God, when even the big guide will make such a move This is not a counterfeit, right Cold and strong was some unreasonable man, once exposed a modest look, not only makes it big Duo glasses, but also so many onlookers woman heart racing, the strength of the men so powerful, actually there will be such a time, if he is so treated A woman, that woman may really die of happiness Proud wind really happy dead. The what's a fidget cube father s big hands could not rub her head, slightly rough fingers also touched her face, that steel like strong body wrapped tightly around her, bringing a great sense of security. To his arms, she can completely relax, he is so powerful, it seems that she can put all the disasters are blocked, unprecedented peace of mind. Two people who did not speak, quietly enjoying the warmth of this moment. Such a scene filial piety filial father scene, making the other surprised people at this time invariably accepted the facts , but also have listed the clues. So, he is actually the father and son palpable The.h up with Pride Proud of the wind if you want to throw him away easily, taking advantage of this, they can wantonly ravaged him Even if the arrogance of the wind than the soul of the power of the great damage, but as long as the strokes hit, it is also very terrible In other words, this metaphor Yu lose it Almost all lords of the peak level of the strong are looking proud proud of the wind secretly exclaimed Twenty year old to the list of the strong, history has never been there Is the advantage fidget cube dimensions with the lord class it Squinted fidget cube by ansty at the wave fidget cube by ansty like power of the soul, proud wind could not help laughing You lords, the power of the soul is really too confident, and perhaps God can not break the other God The power of the soul, but the world is always no shortage of such things Proud of the wind to see his shot, immediately understand that this metaphor is also the wolf lord Lord and other lords of the sun that God and the Lord God between the absolute level of difference, that the soul of the deep power of non God Can get rid of. I let you see, I metamorphosis God Emperor, the name is how come Lengli Jingmang flashed in his eyes, soon as Qing Xiao, ar.