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Fidget Cube Buttons , the whole people seem mighty tall and straight up a few minutes, the original handsome man is more and more heroic blooming, mouth with a touch of cool arrogant smile, like a body The battle of the famous, the upper and lower body everywhere reveals a heroic spirit Below the eyes of the crowd could not help but slightly startled, all do for the body of the infection by the momentum, even proud of the wind so that the person has always been determined not to exception. It is worthy of heaven list of future generations, this year should be only four hundred years old Barry Warriors less than it, before long, he will be able to re unparalleled Warrior style, beyond his father Barry Asahi. Qin frost looked at the whole body Bi ching of the halberd sigh. Four hundred years old, the peak of the lords, fidget cube floralwhite on the cultivation of talent can be considered the first line of genius, otherwise how can these four groups in the south of the continent all powerful Sky list of future generations Proud wind wink curiously Brother, Qing Xiao brothers is the day posterity list, how I never heard of it You just debut how long ah, the mainland how things may know I was also.on into a violent state attack power to enhance, but also make them into a state of mind not clear, the case of things to kill, when the group war will even fidget cube demonstration attack their own people, and so on If the state cast out, in case of sudden burst out of the other strong, then finished. Is hesitant between the fire eyes Beamon but suddenly hesitated. He suddenly found that the speed of the front of the proud wind actually fidget cube snow twilight to speed up Fire Beamon had to watch the side of the wind proud of amazement, while also hastened to speed up, and soon two of the Benxing speed increased to a very terrible state Before he can catch up with the wind to hit her a few punches, but now, he seems to be faster than the speed of the wind a little bit faster than the proud wind, proud wind also occupied the advantage of escape, he can barely with the , You want to chase to her already impossible Moreover, she seems to be just familiar with this speed, there are more and more fast trend God Fire Beamon this time is really scared to be cracked the liver What a joke Is this guy I was chasing a breakthrough Spit out the question in the mouth, the fire can be clearly clear Beam.

ply a simplified version of Thunderbolt This makes her mind could not help but suspect, cut wind big lord is seen Ray gun, is based on Ray guns out of the magic device But it is still a gap between gun and mine gun, do not have the appearance of the nature with a fan, itself is a giant bow, magic gear stalls only have ten files, but Need for Life Lords treasure device, not 12 files Of the quasi monarch. Although the ice and ice bow has the soul of the device, but also have the ability to order the potential of the king of the device can be in the end is an unknown number, even if the device soul spirit of wisdom formed by their own gear stalls bound device soul must practice their own breakthroughs in order to reach the king Level, this process is extremely long. The quasi monarch device, the stalls will be better than other magic weapon on a chip, in the soul of the device after the absolute growth can be turned into a king device. Mantelon s face has become extremely ugly Chop ice lord strength on far better than him, but also cast out the best life lord treasure device, even if the big lords probably have to hurt, even if he has ten brave dare not.device for the king, but life is not a thing that after thousands of years of Reiki Run to form If so, they will kill hundreds of fidget cube buttons millions of people, to supply blood and blood resentment of the formation of violent soul, Yunqing Hong dark magic hall that the death of sickle, device soul is so come. At this point have a fine soul, proud of the wind, of course, there will be refining the confidence of the king device. Think of here, proud wind took a deep breath, readily a move, two red balls and an oval sized white gem in the hands together, these three are in the ancient traces of the collection in the out. Red ball is the black warrior s eyeball, white gem is flying ants the source of life power, the original arrogance of the Shenhuo can not melt them, but now, the soul of the power of the fire, but it is to allow them to expose the original appearance The Fingertips pop up red lotus fire, flames parcels in the past, only to hear Chi Chi Wing Hard to melt the sound, three samples of very ordinary ordinary gemstones, but also with the Turtle Porcelain oyster spirit in general, emitting a burst Strong light, but these three things did not become a fin.ght from the waist, the face of the expression like fidget cube ship date a wake up like, the whole people seem to Gongqian a lot of pride toward the wind down The strength of the strong crown, In the future I will not be so groggy, the crown of strength in addition to the talent to come and efforts are inseparable, just a dozen days, will be able to consolidate the level of chaos, display Anjin, the next hard work must be Others more than ten times, not a slack, Tu war admire. Understanding of esoteric virtue is talent, and the level of consolidation is with the hard training, practice, pride today fidget cube lightslateblue to beat him, because he is more than pay the effort. The so called genius, in addition to talent, but also sweat, Tu war at this time has been completely proud of the wind to wake up. It seems that you have not to the point of hopeless. Proud wind indifferent smile, the results really unexpected, but in any case, this is a better ending. Really want to and clan clan dry will inevitably from the chaos, when the rumors to use the situation, the king fidget cube maroon led the assassination of the Quartet strong things actually sit real, this Yin Fu s fidget cube buttons father and son is not a good thing. Thought of t.

Fidget Cube Buttons territory, and also spent eighty nine days just to fidget cube make noise get, I m afraid to keep up with World War II. Condensed soul Dan to be so long This time it was proud of the wind staring eyes screamed, and opened a joke, most of her success in grasping into the lord on top, no way Jin order, it is not true break The food That may not, to your little metamorphosis of the talent, chances are rub, to soon as condensation finished Qin Shuang touch the fortitude of the chin, he laughed. Proud wind silent turned a supercilious look, rub to cry You and Lei Yufeng that buddy is a brother Qin Shuang know the situation is tense, they will no longer joke, pat on the shoulders of the wind stood up, went to the door to the door. Sitting cross legged far proud of the wind smile. Looked Qin Shuang, proud wind heart slightly warm, her brother for her care really like brother like them, the North territory, although not see distant friends and relatives, but fidget cube buttons his friends around, she will not Feel lonely. Four lords of the peak of the strong, if not smooth Jin order, I m afraid it will be a bitter fight ah With a break situation, and only by then time to act by the machine Secretly.he ink cold sword and Yin Fu, he came to understand, known as accessible the first floor of the sky floor of the assessment, really is not without reason. Ink cold sword esoteric do not say, and fidget cube buttons Yin Fu is now the melee strength may not be under him, and on the remote he can leapfrog sniper strong, comprehensive strength ranking higher than him, it is normal. Brother, you have said several times back to the colorful Austrian stone, as if you are a few gifted little master is the integration of this stuff, which is very different from the ordinary Upanishad Proud wind good brother Road. Of course, this thing, the accumulation of the souls of energy condensate and his understanding of all the esoteric, is equivalent to a part of the soul into the body of the bearer of energy.More powerful master, the greater the upgrade, it is Ordinary upanishads can be compared to the Qin Shuang shook his head sigh Unfortunately, the division of the colorful Bo Yi Stone gave me years of energy within the soul is not enough to cohesion of the second, if the junior to you, not how fidget cube buttons long you can catch the ink cold sword, and his age Reached the micro level, and his father M.