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Fidget Cube Burlywood o do this, he said I do not know what to do She gave bad. But he is quite enjoy this feeling, and sometimes people live shade, than he beat his palpable meal but also readily. This is a dialogue that two people out of the camp where the crowd will understand is how the matter, have revealed this enlightened demeanor, can not think of ah, is actually the son of the great lords Haichuan and he called out of the Zhanmeng Out of the calamity Are shouting to kill the kill, no wonder people will come to hit the field wherever he goes Haitian, it is true Haichuan s face almost in a moment gloomy to the extreme, Sen cold eye Mouguang swept toward the Haitian body, almost angry The inverse of the child, usually outside the trouble is no problem, and today he met with a rare side, even to provoke such a thing He just said each other vexatious, and now things really fell on him, and this is not publicly embarrassed him Haitian has always been the most fear of his father, was staring at this one stare trembling, trembling dare not answer. Haichuan has long heard that your son is always the name of your banner around the swagger, but I did not think he should be s.d gently stroked her UFA, that Chongni to the extreme gentle action, only to see Qin Shuang, etc. Familiar with the burst of Qin Shuo people stunned. God, when even the big guide will make such a move This is not a counterfeit, right Cold and strong was some unreasonable man, once exposed a modest look, not only makes it big Duo glasses, but also so many onlookers woman heart racing, the strength of the men so powerful, actually there will be such a time, if he is so treated A woman, that woman may really die of happiness Proud wind really happy dead. The father s big hands could not rub her head, slightly rough fingers also touched her face, that steel like strong body wrapped tightly around her, bringing a great sense of security. To his arms, she can completely relax, he is so powerful, it seems that she can put all the disasters are blocked, unprecedented peace of mind. Two people who did not speak, quietly enjoying the warmth of this moment. Such a scene filial piety filial father scene, making the other surprised people at this time invariably accepted the facts , but also have listed the clues. So, he is actually the father and son palpable The.

o bold, even pregnant with the sword of the emperor of the emperor messenger Dare the next killer Forest Lords Lengheng I heard, but also very dissatisfied with the sea and the sky toward the back of the League of Nations who blame stare in the past Next to the big lords of the sky is looking at the sea lords faintly said also need to ask you, now things have to understand, that is, your son provoke out, involves the loss of our fidget cube darkseagreen faith, you do not intend to give us a Confessed The sword makes them and Mo Di s positive impact, they dare not against the Mexican emperor, naturally there will be some believers feel that Mo Di even more powerful, favoring the Mexican side, faith will be lost. The top of the strong had to make enough surface effort, such as the dark hall of dark magic Hall as the theology, the same as to fight for faith. Because these guys Damn bastard, you really do not harm ah Adults, and what they wordy Kill them The face of a piece of projection over the fierce around the eyes, Zhanmeng people were scared and angry, proud of the wind which was overcast with liver pain Sea adults, you do not listen to them nonsense ah Clearly is their own.ter of the place, they dare not hands on, after all, I have a sword sword, many places they Also afraid of falling down. Qin Shuang frowning face solemnly said Little Young you do not know, even if hiding in the mansion is not absolutely safe, or else the master why not put my mother income mansion to stay Although we dodge the forest fidget cube blanchedalmond lords of the field of wood check, but his seat is a very different kind of Warcraft, his eyes like a fire, to see through the air fluctuations, ignoring all the invisible things, called fire eyes I m afraid the forest lord sent out the first of Warcraft to trace us, if he hit, the trouble can be big See through all the invisible things There are so cattle fork of Warcraft Proud wind fidget cube inen was shocked by his words, fidget cube burlywood surprised The other side of the fire Beamon, the strength is very strong Qin Shuang nodded and said Great lord seat strong to play sit down , and Kuanghan lord peak, which is not strong Their profound understanding, most are in the micro level, Mongolia is fairly good, the Lord of Warcraft comprehend esoteric than human much worse, so he only chaos level, but we are all esoteric entry level, naturally there is no way.le, but also to get one more, add up to two copies, why not Everyone seems to move some, but a bit of discretion, but still respect the advice fidget cube blueviolet of the wind, East Lin micro frowned and asked The wind under the crown that A little repair, proud of the wind so that the cold wind directly to her call the wind cold sword brother, I thought for a moment, after a cloud from the sensation, and now she looks and wear a mask is fidget cube burlywood not the same as equal to the natural umbrella, people do not know Her character to be proud of the wind will not be so swagger to act in this capacity Chapter 4 Section 2 The first section of the essence of precious stones I Proud wind slightly smiling eyes out of the Green deer lord, on the East Lin, who smiled and nodded Green deer, said under the crown is very, he has said, and all mixing device division will like this condition, How can I make an exception Green deer lord and mantelun both surprised, and looked stunned. She she actually agreed This clearly is no good for her things, other people are carving up her minerals, blue deer lords and refining the lord may treasure, threatening her mineral ownership, is reasonable, she sh.

Fidget Cube Burlywood the skirts, a little head to take out. Small nine Proud wind shines, pleasantly surprised exclaimed, this little thing actually actually wake fidget cube set up Could it be her Jin order energy makes small nine advance Jin order However, a small nine actually little to ignore her, but can fidget cube orange not wait to twist small body, then proud of the wind from his arms off, swing a few, flew directly to the front of her place, and then saw the little The body suddenly swelled up The sky seemed to be shaded in an instant A few seconds, the small nine snake has changed from a form of ferocious horrible Hydra Wong body Nine ferocious fidget cube burlywood head in a huge black cloud, unable to issue as thunderous roar sound, as if to devour the whole world. Little Nine How do you Proud of the wind Shengjiao a shock, fidget cube burlywood she felt the power of nine small soul seems almost out of strength from time to time, little guys very emotional excitement, but it never appeared the case If not sound, a wave of extreme black breath from the Hydra Wong s body broke out fidget cube burlywood A black light beam, an instant sky Black clouds, the clouds cover the sun, the sky dark down the whole child, the pressure seems to collapse at any time, large.betrayal of the column. Kill him, kill this poisonous villain The sound of shouting has been sporadic, into an uproar, many of the lords can not help but fidget cube yellow and black indignation indignation, Green Crane Lord from the public anger, obviously even stronger than the king collar The King of the mountain seems to be in this bursts of roar in trembling up Qinghe, by death Dragon commander looking ferocious, their clan out of the shadows of this generation of mice, so that they lose face today, the future is bound to result in damage to the clan reputation, he is more angry than anyone. Soon as Lihou, in the crowd s voice, the screen dragon command back of the Golden Circle sword has been unloaded down, with the power to split Huashan s terrorist impetus, in one fell swoop to Qinghe lord head split on the past Qinghe lord of the body such as into the icehouse, severely Yichu looking frightened. However, in this juncture of the juncture of the moment, another shadows but suddenly flashing swept to this point, waving a swing, the dragon will be a command of the dragon stopped, ruthless wolf a push, the commander of the dragon again, such as artillery shells to fly Back an.