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Fidget Cube Brown ry ah The best days to a strong list, the less the main Ye Hao a war fame ah fidget cube brown The two poor guys Section III Hello, small wind sister The face of the crowd fidget cube where to buy at stores of laughter, the young man is not angry, smiled, eyesight distant look to the horizon of the ancient mountains, he can feel that the energy fluctuations in the direction of this side, closer Corps of people at a time when rest and boring, but also annoyed to look at that direction. Among the jungle suddenly across a streamer, a huge ancient village of green shadows, a silhouette quickly flashed out, rushed to the horizon This man stature, dressed in a fine battle armor, the face with a white flawless fidget cube brown mask, behind a dozen road distribution of the glowing combat wing is extremely compelling, Xingmou among Hanguang flashing, It is extremely cold. Not biased, and she actually toward the young man and his party flew over the hills, the young man a pedestrian will clearly see the appearance of two, clan immediately sounded a voice of surprise, even the young man himself is surprised a shirt. This is not that metamorphosis lord I faint, is saying it, this guy actually came out Barry a war, although only.r, I on Can not do that And that the pursuit of the cloud is cut wind grandson of the sworn brothers might have anything to do with the wind cut, I can not easily move her. Green deer lords body startled Still some do not want to give up the whispered Road, cut the wind big lord really so terrible Chedis Wang confrontation is no longer his vertical, but also not bad where to go Lord of the beasts of the lords of the king of blood Shadisi, and ink Mexican Jiujun and said the North double Ya, fame only in the wind under the cut, and even because the wind is not born, Northern power can be said to fully control in their hands. Mantelun angrily grunted, blood eyes cold stare Qinglv fidget cube walmart Lord a You do not find out before the brothers do not know the origins of Yin Fu, to be the origin, to be Is to understand the identity of Yin Fu today I decided not to go out to discuss boring fidget cube now this future Do you know that tens of thousands of years ago Paqiang big lord it He and my father peers on the strength of the same, he and cut the wind of a war, the world does not know how the outcome, no one knows my father was on the side Watching the war, it is because to see that war, my father.

hinking in the future must be proud of the right arm of the wind. In fact, fidget cube brown these years, he has always been. Proud of the ice to re armor of the wind had just turned around, exhaled breath, patted the shoulder of a small nine, eye dew a gentle smile, this little doll finally grew up, ah The other fidget cube brown lips do not have to say, go, let them experience fidget cube purple the strength of our experience Lips slightly raised a curvature, proud of the wind to a vision to the direction of the distant Zhanmeng, this time, that one of the Feiyun Lords and even the two rock face are gloomy ugly. In fact, with the vine and others died, Zhanmeng can be said to have disintegrated, and this two is not chaotic on the power of the Great Plains, they have no way to command siege, but due to the previous command Haichuan lords, they Also did not dare escape. Proud of the wind to a cemetery distant to that side soon as high drink Even the rock, Feiyun lord, this is the last battle, and you together on it Section III This is the last battle Loud He Sheng among the mountains could not reverberate, surprisingly arrogant overbearing, heroic thousand Originally proud of the wind has been the focus of.Grand among the gates, a man dressed in a blue robe behind a group of people dressed in armor out of stride One out of the city, then fly directly to the sky at the top, and the door of the war and other attacks Bailimiao distant confrontation up Long hair and waist very handsome, looks in twenty five year old, his profile and Barry Qing Xiao is very similar, but more mature than the Barry Qing Xiao, and no more That a beautiful teenager, but by adding a breathtaking British gas, it is to the list of well known hundred men in one hundred unparalleled beauty With a ray of swearing back to the fierce and shocked, Barry unparalleled out of the city, cold Mouguang glance that Zhanmeng people, clear and high pitched voice shouted I want to battle will never surrender The people behind him, etc., also will be issued by the sound of the sky shouted vowed to survive with Barry City, I Barry will never surrender Black robes an instant recovery space ring, the proud body of the set of extremely beautiful red phosphorus Battlegear has also been exposed, readily hold the gun to the back of a swing. Dazzling silver gun, gorgeous armor, tall slender red man, the wh.touch of blood floating smell. Proud of the wind the team to keep the southeast direction, moving back and forth between the number of hills, and strive to the first time the energy outbreak of Bi feel the movement. Touring the beginning of less than half an hour, they have seen dozens of large and small fight to fight, this time the mountains give the impression that only one word, that is, chaos. A small hill can see several teams also in the search for the clan and the forces of the team, hit with a statement immediately hands on situation has occurred, there is a special attack on the past strong clan, they know about their own fidget cube brown Strength is not enough to compete with the Xeon master and Di Bi hopeless, focused on the staff here to ambush all parties to patrol the mountain team. Murder arson gold belt, the lord of the characters who have some good things, as long as a few votes, but fidget cube red also earn pots turn over. But there are easy to see such a general strong leaf leader, very few people dare not long to come to provoke them. Listening to not far from time and time came the melee sound, proud wind slightly frown, whispered Qin Shuo said Brother, we are.

Fidget Cube fidget cube aliceblue Brown erywhere in the trees, for Beamon s fist direct attack will not be affected, but proud of the wind using the Overlord gun tactic is by virtue of the white tree was relieved a lot of strength, not her exhibition skills The best location, proud of the wind naturally to find a little more empty place and then kill, after all, the opponent is esoteric chaos level, can not waste a trace of power, it is not yet known. Two people chased the way to flee, the alarm is extremely large, near the strong hurry to have a lot of being alerted, but because it was clear for the lord of the peak level of the confrontation is definitely not to blame the people, see Usually far away, no one dare fidget cube maroom to touch their mold head. However, there are some exceptions. Proud of the wind in the two could not live close to a high cliff above, a young man looks up in his early twenties is the wind standing hand in hand. Men s face, such as crown jade, Mou, such as Hanxing, Wu Falls like hair down almost down to the ground, he was wearing a large gown gown, waist hanging a exudes the coldness of the cold sword, angular lip Qiazhao A ray of casual chic smile, the whole person as if into t.o help, maybe Maybe it can be refined out of the legendary monarch Has not been moved by things outside the pride of the wind, after hearing the news could not help but heart pounding, greatly intended to move. Yes, that turtle interest is precious stones, and this is still a large piece of gold, collected and refined into a magic device can be equipped with a nearly million people in the army.As we like a clan, all equipped with turtle The treasure ring refining magic ring, raid combat power is absolutely very frightening, the same strength of the team, an accidental attack will be able to exterminate most of them. Mexican cold sword sighed, and said again. But with us to find the veins there are several strong North Rangers team, the parties almost the same force, if the melee is difficult to please, with a lot of white loss to the King of the fight for the fight and Bi s help, is abruptly In the vein next to the stalemate for half a month can be watched the King of the collar and Shi s unearthed date gradually, we are some impatient, and just yesterday, our God carved the biggest rival, the blood of the two Prince Manten also band The man came to t.