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Fidget Cube Black completely disregard blue deer lord Have to go crazy expression. Now, everyone has long been stopped in the hands of things, staring at the wind refining magic magic weapon, and so the best luxury material mixing device, life can not see a few times, is not a king device, the lowest is the lord Treasure, the presence of people can be a no one had seen the lord treasure device unearthed it Lianxin fire burning in the furnace, proud wind heart to the Fenyun fidget cube midnight House acoustic Jade dissolves, come up with a Dragonscale gold, a little bit on it, I want to refining the ring, the demand is not. No problem. Sima Yu dissolve with a smile nodded, readily condensed out of the size of a half of the palm of your hand, do not underestimate this point, his heaven sent golden metal conversion speed is limited, fidget cube navajowhite these Dragonscale gold to re condensate out , Need about a year of effort, but the face of Pride, how can he mean it As the wind to put the wind Fen Yunfu government refining furnace in the preparation of the secluded corner, the Dragonscale King fengyunfu, into the mixing device furnace, no one noticed, along with the investment there is worse than the first lin.disgraceful big lords, right Actually on a junior shot, but also shameless ah This team is experienced in the high strong, a little one would understand the causes and consequences, can not help but have exposed the look of contempt, can be called adults there are a few people ah Proud of the strength of the wind, can play her escape the Lord which is not the north of the famous strong Such a person, the main addition to the three big lords who will Although the strength of these people are not as big lords, but for most masters, the dignity and honor is more than those insidious effort. Little Lord, do we have to control this one thing The young man called iron uncle man wrinkled and resolute brow, said This metamorphosis lords amazing talent, after a dozen years later to her to the north of the mainland, will be blowing a hurricane, this fall here Some pity, if we can save it, even if she does not want to belong to our camp, you can also fidget cube black let her owe us a favor, the future development of the little master some of the benefits, after all, you do not want to rely on small master adults, more than a few peers Of the young brothers with the world into t.

rds of the following strong for the overwhelming from the screen Shenjian basically no resistance, which Tu Shen Jian intended to be used to deal with Barry door, but this time it is used in their own people who want to come also very ironic. Seeing things basically solved, fidget cube black Barry unparalleled in the air will be a little Baoquan, Lang Lang said Today, a war, thank the world strong bar market, and now the war has been, I Barry there are many things to deal with, Not here to continue pestle, and Barry City from today to lift the closure of the city, if you are interested to sit, Barry unparalleled welcome. Dressed in a courtesy, Baili unparalleled waved his hand, with the crowd back Barry city, proud of the wind with the brigade surrounded by people in the next, Barry unparalleled good, the next time, Barry I am afraid that the door is really busy. This war chaotic Great Plains completely reshuffle, more than half of the forces of leaders fall, the rest are not a threat to the formation of a small soldier, in addition to Barry door, has no second powerful fidget cube black forces, Baili unparalleled as long as slightly Display means, unified plain near the front, this pie.ontinent of this ore fight rallies are common, proud wind heard, but did not expect will happen to hit. Most of the north team has its own refining division division, although the refining device division level is not high, but also how much can share some of the mineral, so the parties clan nodded, and our team attached to God Sword collar, refining device division is always the father of adults to deploy, there is no fidget cube black recruiting their own, had no choice but to stop there. Said to be ashamed, we can be said to fidget cube uk ebay be driven out, really Biequ very. , Smiled again to see the proud wind how, do not go with our team to look at, we get half of the precious stones on how Mexican cold sword is still very generous, mineral deposits is that they found, he is also willing to draw a big hand on the wind proud of the wind half, after all, only the proud wind of the refining device division one can not participate in dispute, no clan force, seize the opportunity vein nothing. Since the Mexican brother as much as I can, I dare to vertebrae Turtle interest this treasure mine, I also heart ah Proud wind chuckle said, Mouzhong passing in the ray of light will be determine.o do this, he said I do not know what to do She gave bad. But he is quite enjoy this feeling, and sometimes people live shade, than he beat his palpable meal but also readily. This is a dialogue that two people out of the camp where the crowd will understand is how the matter, have revealed this enlightened demeanor, can not think of ah, is actually the son of the great lords Haichuan and he called out of the Zhanmeng Out of the calamity Are shouting to kill the kill, no wonder people will come to hit the field wherever he goes Haitian, it is true Haichuan s face almost in a moment gloomy to the extreme, Sen cold eye Mouguang swept toward the Haitian body, almost angry The inverse of the child, usually outside the trouble is no problem, and today he met with a rare side, even to provoke such a thing He just said each other vexatious, and now things really fell on him, and this is not publicly embarrassed him Haitian has always been the most fear of his father, was staring at this one stare trembling, trembling dare not answer. Haichuan has long heard that your son is always the name of your banner around the swagger, but I did not think he should be s.

Fidget Cube Black nto a lord, but not enough time to feel esoteric, And immediately went to the gods, ink cold sword until the lord had just come to emerge, and even cut the wind big lord s disciples, thousands of large lords kill the son of thousands of dead, also no edge too exposed, are to be concerned about this. Proud of the wind a little worried about the right, the master is so hot temperament of the people let me hide the strength, do not easily expose themselves, then the background, very talented people on the mainland is also very difficult to move, the lord usually pursue Not for my use, can not be used for others , more can not let him set up the portal, so often to kill fidget cube philippines some of the talented figure, a lot of rookie list will be the strongest just into the occasion of the lord To the gods mainland. Sima Yu soluble softly sighed. Qin Shuang also slightly nodded, Qin Shuo let him in the identity of the red leader wearing a mask to hide the true capacity, the same is not the future when he was walking in the mainland to be hunted. Proud of the fidget cube darkseagreen wind dominated the Flying House flying, softly laughed Do not worry too much, to get the king brought together the mas.e second time, the fidget cube news next tempering Beamon never Will again in the move, once again this fire clear Beamon to catch up, it really finished Pride wind change the first chapter three bursts The first section of the small strong beat to death The East has exposed fish belly fidget cube black white, the forest is already in the past night. Pingtian mountains in the ancient mountains, the two figure is still one after the rapid rush, the two lords of the breath is very strong, the general level of the Lord of Warcraft met, will be far away to dodge open. This damn guy, even still chasing He does not Xianlei Well Road in front of the black figure looked back, and some angrily muttered Road. Already a whole night From last night out of the city, this morning, the two actually hurry to drive out thousands of miles on the road, a run a chase, who did not dare to stop, so deadlocked here. Proud of the speed of the wind is not the eye than the fire quickly, but escape the general fidget cube forestgreen account of the initiative, you can change the direction, around the circle, etc. to the rear of the people have some hesitation, and sometimes suddenly turn, fire Beamon natural brakes And then keep up, wa.