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Fidget Cube Backer Edition r, proud of the wind and Qin cream to find a more spacious spacious tent, drilled into it. Small Young, how do you intend to do the following Into the account to sit down firmly, Qin frost on some worried frown said Today, although fidget cube relieves stress and anxiety for children and adults the war Union stabbed only eight lords, but the eight are to list On the famous strong, there are two in the top ten within the Feiyun lords ranked seventh, even the lords book fidget cube ranked third, under the watchful eyes of your mine gun can not be used, not to deal with ah. Proud of the wind faint smile, she did not know that two people are not good to deal with, but the battle has always been the door she and Barry Qing Xiao provoke out, she does not May this time withdraw the hand regardless. Fortunately, at this time through her repeatedly behind the surgery, Zhanmeng master already lost more than half of the original list of sixteen masters are now only eight people, and this time because of offend against Haichuan big lords, fidget cube backer edition he ordered to play this Life and death struggle of the game, no one can join them, that is, when the decisive battle is that the eight. Qin frost thought, to catch said Otherwise, we secretly to kill the two.also bite a pride in order fidget cube mexico to protect the king is to protect the king to do fidget cube backer edition so, and her relationship with Yin Fu also said through. In this way, people s eyes more and more alarmed up, looked proud of the wind, they looked at the Green Crane lord, for a time whispering one, really do not know who the letter is good. Pride the wind known to the Qinghe lord not so good to deal with, neither accident nor worry, the eyes implied deep meaning to a slightly smiled Green Crown crane so brave so small, had just in the face of my father when Zende so calm Tide House issued the first fidget cube backer edition version tingcHaoge.Com Listen to this clear irony, Green Crane lord actually also do not change color, skin grin does not laugh and said crown, this and then different, then respect for our team pressure, is a dead word, of course But also to fight it, for the safety of all, in the next death pity, but now you are out of nothing under the crown, which is so I am innocent ah. Even proud of the wind have to admire the level of the Green Crane lord to speak, all kinds of hidden lines of everything, he blows himself very great righteousness, for the safety of the people only then succe.

te the kind of palpitations of feeling want to forget can not. Although the matter occurred in the hidden valley, but many of the Northern team there are many friends and family, which can not help but have the intersection of the strong and large lords, so the emergence of a North Star twelve refining device division and Refining the monarch of the news, but also as early as the King of the many lords in the collar between the pass uproar. King out of the situation change Qin Shuo s insight, was aghast to confirm the monarch device unearthed, the hearts of the refining device predecessors endless admiration, but he never imagined that the so called refining device division predecessors is actually proud of the wind And not a few days, this monarch was actually such a fall on his hands, it makes him laugh or cry Luck it. Proud wind Hey laugh twice, suddenly and seriously The big command, in fact, you do not have to think too much, this ring is for you, when I know your situation, like refining a To hide the breath of fidget cube backer edition the fidget cube springgreen magic ring to give you, to prepare for the King of the competition, did not expect actually refining out of an unexpected high end m.this time he is standing with both hands chest, sharp Of the eyes reveal a touch of edge, behind him, the red hair of the two command and body as sturdy as the iron four command. Among the inner circle are the master, a few people suddenly proud of the wind will be attracted to everyone s attention, together with the call of Qin Shuang, everyone seems a little surprised, Qin Shuo a pedestrian is also looking toward the side over here. Exposure to his line of sight, proud eye Mouguang slightly Yi Chan, the brain sounded like a blown sound, the feeling of tension spread the body, suddenly will not move. A black robe of the Qin Shuo also saw the same style of dress and his pride, eyes passing a touch of deep smile, lips rarely raised arc, toward the proud wind fidget cube backer edition slowly approaching. Section II I was his son 1 Proud wind fixed looking at the front, seeing Qin Shuo came a step by step, a time actually made no sound, all the good rhetoric in this moment all the useless, only silly Leng Leng with a wood like stare He went to his front. She now understand, what is real close to human mood. Calm as she, calm as her, this time also caught in a huge emotional swir.ttlefield of the sky. Proud of the wind but hear the eyes stare, is very silent, the brothers are engaged in what ah One by one to play a pair of two one to three of the game, he just opposing time and life compressed several times, simply completely beyond her surprise Moment of unparalleled kick after she had not yet reached the order that fun Of course, this is also anxious not to do the things she has done, and now in addition to waiting for no other way. The idea turned, the sky above the three silhouettes have been fighting together, for the first time to see the lords of the strong peak of the pride of the proud wind dazzled, many times she did not see how fidget cube yellow the shot is unparalleled, must her narrowed eyes , Quite effortlessly to see clearly. But this is only the beginning of the situation, about thirty rounds later, proud of the wind can be closely followed in the eyes of unparalleled Barry, the dark stars and sometimes flashed in the Xingmou luster, three moves in her eyes Slowed down to a strange state like, even the trajectory can Qiaode clearly, as if she had control of the time Qin Shuang next to the eyes of arrogance strang.

Fidget Cube Backer Edition the mountain Little cloudy little brother, you may not know here just arrived, but the lords are basically here to know, and his bi will be unearthed before the eve of a small scale outbreak of energy, but the energy outbreak of a wide range of locations , King Hill so much who do not know where, when the parties will be dispersed in the mountains around the place to find that piece of land, to find it to pass each other Lingzhu Ling Zhu communication, that is touring. Explained, in her letter to come after his attitude when he had a big change. Qin Shuo followed by his words, look solemnly said The parties into the king of mountains that night into the ancient forest, must be dispersed into several small units action, it is opportunistic wounding a great opportunity, if encountered any enemies, And some teams like to eat black, will also deliberately provoke trouble to find people trouble.These northern clan are wolves, a lot of people in the strong, which King is also a big king of the mountain risk , Daze in the mountains do not know when there will be something to come out, you guys just like a few small teams in the main team, should not arbitrar.nergy across a few hills, several teams sent close to the patrol team are gathered over, but they do not worry hands on so mixed in the brigade crowd looked far. The parties came more and more strong, almost in the group around the mobile energy gathered together into a large circle, and that group energy is also clearly felt the week the fidget cube on twitter storm the strong breath, know the situation is not good, the East Escaping the West channeling, moving more quickly, but no matter how he dodge, it constantly escape the huge energy like a huge sun, so that people stare at him so that there is no place to hide. This situation stack for a moment, and finally have changed Black night sky suddenly under a line of glare, as if a thunderbolt flashed in the air, a man dressed in dark blue robes, a blue haired young man abruptly appeared in the energy burst point is over Men s fidget cube clicker whole body of the air in the moment he appeared violent fluctuations, showing the speed of esoteric practice to the ultimate trace of the shaving from the man released by the strong pressure of Ye Yi easily, proud wind instantly this is a top strong As the brigade are holding people do not make the fi.