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Fidget Cube Antsy sigh soon, From the eyes, began to concentrate gather gas. Consciousness submerged into the pubic region, proud of the wind will see that magic energy surface is still slowly gathered in the fog like silver foggy energy, that energy is extremely thin, it seems that even one tenth of the soul of the Dan are not. No wonder the brothers said that the soul of Dan is difficult to agglutination, really slow. Proud wind helplessly sighed, mind to turn, take the initiative to speed up the operation of the Star prison, the energy of fidget cube black the air to her body gathered over I do not know the years of practice, consciousness sank into the pubic region, simply do not feel the passage of time. Five days, blink will be. Proud of the wind in the Qin Shuang softly awakened under the call to the account outside a look, the sky gray to a, like fidget cube darkviolet to dawn. Qin frost look some solemnly asked, but he knew about the answer, the soul after the completion of coagulation Dan will appear Jin order is now the lines and silver pattern, a single step of the 10 Star Star will be the first time, Turned into 12 lords of stars, and proud of the wind who did not this situation. Hey, the sou.not see. Men s facial features side is also correct, with his stature stature, hair neatly comb to the side of the bar, much like a small white face. The eyes twinkling from time to time flashed out Jilang Jingmang, feeling a bit insidious, looks like a famous figure. But in the arrogant wind it seems that this man is not very good, not only because fidget cube antsy he slandered Qin Shuo left a bad impression fidget cube gainsboro of her disgust, but also because she had seen too many outstanding men. On the sly clever mind He is far inferior to the ink cold sword, on the refined elegance of tolerance He is far better than Yin Fu, on the men of the tall and mighty He farther than Qin cream, it is nothing worth a care of the place. She did not think that this person is not ye, but does not mean that other people think so, the man came out, the surrounding people immediately reported out of his identity. Tu War Lord Dragon command the most proud of the heirs Oh Is that a while back in the north to kill an esoteric chaos class strong warlord lords This talent was a little bit long to see his situation, he should have just entered the esoteric chaos level, is also a great genius what In addit.

er to form their own clan, very few people are willing to obey the big lord, unless it is like the wind and Yan Shi thirteen as mentoring relationship or the Qin Shuo and nine refining three brothers. I promised to fly the ring to bring nine under the coronation, back to catch up with the team, we must tell him Fei things Proud wind looked at his right hand fingers, the idea turned, her middle finger Has a hidden ring, it is left to her Fei. At this time, three people have come near Haichuan, to see the proud wind, have revealed quite friendly smile chasing the crown under the cloud can be really early ah. For the hand held sword of the emperor emperor messenger, they naturally dare not neglect. At their side, there are some very young master stood beside, apparently is the son of Haichuan and others, disciples, most of them is to see a lively, although a lot of war in the north, but also rarely such a grand scene. Three adults are not too late. Pride said with a light smile, neither overbearing nor overbearing. A loud noise, the horizon suddenly appeared in a dark mass of the figure, noisy crowd immediately quiet down. The distance of the sky, like.arable to the lord treasure device Running ran, proud wind suddenly felt behind him a wave of terror power fluctuations, fire clear Beamon red eyes flashing in the anger, and that the power of terrorist fist hit again over Proud wind this time simply ignore him. Bang Behind came a huge force, proud wind was once again playing forward to fly out of a large, grimace in pain to touch the back, this time she is not even pause and then continue to run forward. I rely on fidget cube antsy Fire completely clear Beamon shocked This boxing almost accumulated his full strength, full of pride to be able to get on the air to get on the ground, which know the strength bigger, but the effect of a lot worse, proud of the wind not only get on the ground, actually run more cheerful I do not believe this evil A punch you die, a dozen punches you can take it Seeing the wind once again run away proud, the fire clear Beamon angrily again waving a huge fist fiercely rushed over. Just listen to the mountains continue to come bang Bang Sound, all the way to the north line, prompting many of the mountains fidget cube antsy of fidget cube antsy Warcraft horror fled, but this voice has not stopped, is also continuing to.led the seven lords turned into the first seven streamer rushed out, they cut straight into each other s clan, as if seven extremely sharp benefit scraping, such as into the unhindered, wherever he went, standing The sword provoked a bad call and Xueguang Although the number of the other side, the lords of the strong level will be more than a dozen people fills not all of the northern clan are so strong, their leader is an esoteric strong, easy to attack the leaves and others first strong moment Reaction less, the team immediately played a chaotic whole team offensive suddenly a lag Proud wind look eager, is also want to rush forward to ramp up in a sudden a hand to her pull. Some of her dissatisfaction frowned, looking back, surprised to see her frosty eyes frolic Qin smiled, You can not go, Uncle, we know what we do, at that time will dodge, you go together , I m afraid will suffer together. Oh Listen to him say, proud of the wind suddenly depressed half of the consumer, according to words stopped, replaced by a thick curiosity, Qin cream in the end to do what On the wind under the eyes of pride, Qin frost smiled, suddenly stepped forward, Yan Xiao.

Fidget Cube Antsy nderstand this, his face black and ugly, but the two are good or bad lords, soon restored calm, both on as one, stature flashing, Shua Appeared in the air opposite the wind on the battlefield. You brats You just just Jinjie lord, dare so wild with an enemy two, we and the rattan boat Yuqing soul that the two waste can be different, you want us to do stepping stone, I m afraid to dig their own graves Feiyun Lord holding a spear, snapped. Even the rock is also a cold voice, flash in the hands, awe inspiring and lifted a green black lance spear, mouth shouted We are fidget cube lightblue the top ten list of the strong, you kill that you can kill you think you A leader into the lord of the class of the world really invincible it I do not believe the two of us together but also fight you a junior You two idiots, really is, as always, stupid ah Confront the confidence of the two full, proud wind laugh a cry, eyes reveal a bit joking When I said I want a person to deal with you two Do you think I am as stupid as you guys, want to join hands, so fidget cube mediumorchid easy The voice of a fall, a very high speed of the shadow of the wind From fidget cube turquoise the two behind the Lord Feiyun hit, the two lords just., the whole people seem mighty tall and straight up a few minutes, the original handsome man is more and more heroic blooming, mouth with a touch of cool arrogant smile, like a body The battle of the famous, the upper and lower body everywhere reveals a heroic spirit Below the eyes of the crowd could not help but slightly startled, all do for the body of the infection by the momentum, even proud of the wind so that the person has always been determined not to exception. It is worthy of heaven list of future generations, this year should be only four hundred years old Barry Warriors less than it, before long, he will be able to re unparalleled Warrior style, beyond his father Barry Asahi. Qin frost looked at the whole body Bi ching of the halberd sigh. Four hundred years old, the peak of the lords, on the cultivation of talent can be considered the first line of genius, otherwise how can these four groups in the south of the continent all powerful Sky list of future generations Proud wind wink curiously Brother, Qing Xiao brothers is the day posterity list, how I never heard of it You just debut how long ah, the fidget cube in amazon mainland fidget cube antsy how things may know I was also.