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Fidget Cube Antiquewith ghtly startled, as if by a heavy hammer hit the heart The softest place. He can not say what kind of look is the meaning of the eyes, but it is felt as if there is a very special feelings included in, of course, is not a negative emotion, but a more admirable than the worship of people feel warm and intimate feeling, people can not wait Will immediately holding hands to hold Looked proud of the wind exposed this look, he did not have the heart to blame her. Qin Shuo thought so, his mouth and smiles Well, but this time you really did a very good performance, greatly contrary to my expectations, I would like to congratulate you to show their talents, a fame it. Hey, is this little guy is some time ago in the Barry door fame of the metamorphosis of a lord, called the cloud that Here, the other strong around is can not help but startled. Qin Shuo stature tall and healthy, looks on the shape and the rumors that the pursuit of the cloud does not match, and most of his body fluctuations only feel unfathomable, so even dressed like this, no one felt wrong , After all, the head of the body is now more than that. And proud of the wind, and that the crystal ima.ing out, the situation changed Narrowed his eyes, ink cold sword gently read Road. Iron capacity Gulp soon as severely swallowed a saliva, but also clenched fists, murmured Never heard of the North who have refined out of the king device, if it is, the wind crown next Can not think of name is immune, and by this means of mixing device, you can have an equal footing with the power of the Mexican Emperor The first section of the king out, Dunzou At this moment, all hearts are nervous to the extreme, his eyes blinked to stare at that refining furnace, as if fidget cube mediumturquoise refining the magic weapon is not proud of the wind but they like The heavens and the sky more and more thick, the wind almost formed a tornado, the lake around the island of the water blowing Jiyu fly to heaven. Arrogant wind bright black eyes tightly locked refining device furnace, tried to mold the stove in the furnace, with her huge spiritual power has a difficult feeling, high grade phantom plastic required soul energy too , And that the situation is like the spirit of her power to all dry like Fortunately, the spirit of the wind proud of the power far better than ordinary people, if the general l.

strong, he naturally understand what this feeling represents, since the mask with Qin Shuo, also shows that he did not want to reveal the original identity, it is clear that he must be a very strong fame, but the fidget cube antiquewith northern clan is too More than the strong clouds, a time who can not guess his identity. fidget cube keychain Cold eyes of the Dragon command a look, Qin Shuo s head revealed fidget cube graphite a touch of pressure at once, do not know how the matter, his heart on the Dragon command to interrupt the pride of the wind, then very, very dissatisfied Sneer, Qin Shuo said lightly Your Battle is in heaven, we are on the ground, where the impact Your own son does not live up to expectations, lost to the king of the little master took us to do. Convergence, you ask your justice, I will not control anything, but if you want to die, I do not mind fulfilled you Words here, Qin Shuo s eyes suddenly sharp up, very terrible spiritual energy from his head out of violence shot out This force as the first time encountered his arrogance like the wind, sharp appalling, almost forced to suffocate Wind from the ground Spiritual energy like water like spread out This is not Yin Fu s spiritual esoteric m.y are all the same dress, before I was still strange, how the crown under the body of this dress, with his strength will not imitate what metamorphosis lords, that are young people to do, who knows not imitate him Metamorphosis lords, but metamorphosis lord inherited him ah This is really cross fried cattle father and son, two, the crown under the spirit of the Austrian with a glance days of strong uniforms Dragon fidget cube antiquewith list, chasing the crown under the crown to leapfrog challenge to the strength of the beginning to enter the lord to solve that list Third, is indeed the father and son, are so abnormal Just do not know how they are, if not reclusive master, the crown must also be days under the list of people, and qualify absolutely not gamma, Qin Shuo naturally heard the discussion of the crushing sound, could fidget cube kickstarter video not help but smile, patted his arms proud of the wind acoustic The little guy, you lie enough level, we actually think we really father and son However, we do have affinity, if not, I also like you, fidget cube antiquewith if you recognize my father, I do not mind. Daddy Hear this sentence, proud wind surprised a moment, squinting eyes abruptly stare, looked up and stared at.gather here, how can it make a public outrage This seems to them no good And you, if so find Wrong revenge object, so that the murderers go unpunished, do not know your dead relatives and friends will not get angry from the ground to climb out and then die again. Proud of the wind, this speech is everyone has been puzzled, and immediately attracted a nod of approval. They had been stunned by the anger, a heard that the dragon clan with people killed on the King of the mountain this great fidget cube lightsteelblue opportunity to have rushed to catch up, these doubts aside for the time being, of course, there are deliberately Qinghe lord instigated credit , At this time in the proud wind and his son under the impact of two waves calm down, naturally not so impulsive. In addition to the real limbs developed a simple mind, the presence of almost all live for thousands of years tens of thousands of years of human fine, how will this thing do not understand Father, I look under the cloud crown said good, things should not be the king of fidget cube antiquewith the collar, otherwise they will not be so magnanimous open city against the enemy.Dad you noticed, from the beginning to the present Yang Yangmian.

Fidget Cube Antiquewith houting to him, showing the extent of the accident in their hearts. With a hint of curiosity, nine refining a sideways, the next second will appear in the fidget cube deeppink side of Qin Shuo. At the same time, the four leading Ye Yi and accompanied by some lords also appeared in the surrounding. Ye Yi strange to see a proud wind, but not much hostility, his wrinkled with that strong eyebrows, suddenly said Young man, you are very good, I used to look down upon you. Finish this sentence, Ye Yi immediately turned around and turned to drill into the Qin Shuo behind a sky does not come out of the posture. Listen tide Courtesy of the first fidget cube vinyl desk toy published version tingcHaoge.Com However, others high handed, even higher than the number of Qin Shuo, how could he be completely covered Everyone up a look, you can find this guy exposed in the mask the face of the lower half of a little red, his dark look not too out, a little bit can be found carefully. Proud of the wind first Yizheng, chest immediately thrown a burst of a smile, did not expect this Mangcha actually there is such a lovely side, which is clearly an apology to her. Qin Shuo behind the other lords, it is all Biexie Biede b.e curse of the sentence, and instantly look to Yin Fu, look Leng Li Boy, you hurt my clan brothers do not say, turn my heir wounded, do not know if you have confidence in my Tu Long Jindao under a ten strokes Yin Fu of the light glanced at the man, the eyes of a touch of disdain of the color flash, was about to speak, slanting a cold mellow voice suddenly interrupted Dragon command, you come to discuss a statement is, to large Bullying a little too much, and this young man s strength and tolerance of extraordinary, I do not believe he will lie, if you really want to seek justice, why not listen to his argument is up Weaponry meet, Lost battle is necessary to own, would be a loss of your northern team command and the days of the status of the list of fidget cube antiquewith master it. Hear this anger from the prestige of the familiar voice, proud wind eyes Yi Chan, his face showing the color of surprise, the hearts of irresistible excited Qin cream pupil of a shrink, surprised exclaimed is the master Proud of the wind and others quickly from the crowd through to the circle inside, saw the face of the tall and vigorous body wrapped in black cloak mask a white mask of the man.