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Fidget Cube 3d advantage of the wind and others took to the top of the top of the probe, hiding in the dark round after round of the figure suddenly from the ancient forest in all directions like Xiangshui camel out, at least thousands of people at a glance, they trapped in the Peak Cliff on. There is no greeting and lines, fidget cube 3d the other side of the leader followed by a sword, shouting everyone , The bottom of the many strong with cold cruel to kill the intended rushed up Looked at these sudden surging out of the ambush, the team not only did not panic but the crowd issued a burst of laughter, in fact, they already itchy, and came to the South after the East hide, do not fight a good few times, North of buy fidget cube antsy labs the kind of militant bones in this sword completely broke out. Ye Yi soon as the sky and shouts, fist clenched face, raised a ray of excitement on the smile, but also loudly roar of the sentence brothers, on At this time, any other discourse is superfluous. Proud of the wind has long been informed of the situation may be encountered by ambush also did not feel surprised, but this is the first time she took part in the war a little bit of blood boiling feeling. To Ye Yi. is a special treasure to hide the breath of treasure. Although the mind was proud of the black and white air was not reversed light, Qin Shuo down also restored calm, to conceal the magic device level. Not his letter but his brother, but the quasi king device is too expensive, and God knows what will provoke a great uproar, and say it may not be believed. Lords treasure device Everyone on the spot a case of cold lump, is a mine was scared silly appearance, they finally understand why so surprised, even if Qin Shuo has deliberately said that a layer of low, they still do not Dare to believe. Nine refining stunned The little brother chasing clouds, Could you be 10 Star refining device division Mody Nine refining reminded, Qin Shuo brow is a challenge, and finally remembered the more important things, once again with the singular glowing eyes staring proud wind Chen asked little guy, this ring is really you refining it Some time ago refining Some time ago, that the depths of the mountains issued by the terrorist forces, from the hundred miles to the king led almost all of the master have felt the power of heaven and earth is too strong to stimula.

felt a burst of cold wind blowing behind, could not help both face upheaval, hastily flashed to the sides However, they flash fast, but it fidget cube youtube has been late Two dark dark lightning like a lightning strike in the two body, Feiyun lord and even the rock only feel the body slightly Yi Chan, followed, the body s power to a very alarming rate began to flow That Road, see the dark shadow of success to see the light settled, not anxious to start again, gently flash, stopped Feiyun lord. At the same time, the wind proud of the wind with one hand, silver poison feathers rifle, the first step fierce a stepping, figure Ge over the void, catching with the rock. Gun Ying burst flash, even the rock had to take the fight against the Weaponry fiercely a confrontation, the two sides each flash back out Ji Zhang, even the rock in the end is the lord of the peak fidget cube red and black level of strength, strength and speed is indeed better than proud wind A chip, back of the impulsive power also spent a lot of strength had just unloaded, but after this disturbance, even the rock and Feiyun lords will be fully dispersed. This is a vampire kiss Even the rock uttered a roar, looking down at the body.him speechless Pielepiezui, the father usually looks very smart, how this section is to turn the bone But bend it Even Qin cream can guess, she exported so called, he actually did not expect. Recognize ass ah, he had her father is good But think about it carefully, combined with the present situation, the idea is indeed easy to cause ambiguity, I am afraid that she is in order to rescue him for Qin Shuo, so it pulled so a lie. But now this large crowd, and she is not good to take off the mask, now she is man, was recorded look back to those who compete with her device to see the trouble. Qin Shuo strength is not afraid of being heard of high strength sound, she was scruples on the strength of her mastery of sonic esoteric, did not dare to directly explain her sound is fidget cube 3d Qin proud of the wind, that the sea chuan that also hung it. Proud wind can not help but rolled his eyes, worth mentioning, to solve the matter and then he privately to fidget cube 3d say, this stupid father is simply stupid Back she must take off the mask to fidget cube cost frighten him Thought of this, proud wind from Qin Shuo arms drilled out, light laughs If the old words back to say, I first taught the lessons.It is impossible to identify all 11 out. Proud of the wind is basically not out of the camp, there is no sword to practice this time she has been accompanied almost in the side of Qin Shuo. She had already recognized the father, she likes to hold him an arm by his shoulder sitting next to the campfire, squinting to listen to his story about his own. In fact, these are the Qin Shuang said long ago, however, listening to the voice of men mellow low mellow, feeling the body of his stalwart uploaded to the warm, proud wind there will be an unspeakable feeling of happiness. Qin Shuo also exceptionally intimate to her, proud of the wind sent out after the flames Ssangyong ring, he was her kind of special favor more and more known for a few days to get along, he even surpassed her Qin Qin Shuang Qin disciples, even if the mouth Do not say, Zhou trapped people can clearly feel. The team all spray amazed, they have never seen the big commander to reveal the kind of warm smile, never know the big command of the soft eyes will be so charming, never know that the big commander would actually Chongni to twist the rafters of a person s fidget cube 3d head , Louzhu someone s shoul.

Fidget Cube 3d around for a reason, smile You are joking, Rodent World of Warcraft has always been not welcome, practice talent and low, you see this in addition to the head after a special variation of the strange strange blue Crystal rat king, where there is any fidget cube 3d high end rodent World of Warcraft The presence of the strongest at least the fidget cube palegreen way God is the emperor, the magician brought with the most of the World of Warcraft to be majestic to the wolf, hawks, tiger leopard class, rodents really have not seen cases in the North territory of this place, Emperor of the strong will destroy the future use of rodents World of Warcraft. Ordinary blue crystal rat Wong Wong imperial level of Warcraft, the only blue Jingjing Huang Jin order to the lord, is simply fidget cube mediumvioletred bizarre thing, which is more and more to Haichuan and others heart heat, they have been identified, Blue Crystal Rat Wong variation Jin order is certainly related to and Bi, mastered this, maybe they do not have to enter the underground city break. In the big rats kept squeak , the crowd big eyes Dengxiao Yan occasion, the crowd suddenly came a clear Vietnamese voice I know what he said Everyone Qi Yi Zheng, looked up a.d fight against him Cliffs on the small clan has been a collective stunned, and looked at the eyes like a proud wind is like watching a live dinosaur They are less master of talent, there are so many days of material and adults to the auxiliary, but now just enter the micro level, this kid was a little more big ah, is actually esoteric chaos, and esoteric chaos no problem, actually also And mad of the fire eyes Beamon dry up Now the two are fighting on the sky without the effort and mind to manage their ideas. Mad after the fire when Bi Meng Meng proud hatred of the wind has risen to the extreme, a leap forward, then hit the punch to the proud wind rage By this time, the proud wind he has no escape the meaning. Mouzhong burst of light flash, proud wind a loud shout, the hands of the silver gun then whirl up, not real fidget cube to display any marksmanship esoteric trajectory, as clutching an ordinary stick, fiercely against the fire eyes Beamon Of the head smashed down attack invisible However, at this time of the invisible but even more proud of any previous moves the wind The whole silver gun on the agglomeration of all her strength, there is no star million points.