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Fidget Cube 3d Printer strong, Oh, the great lords arrived, and Bi is not we can compete for the got. Surprise sounded in succession in all directions, Zhou has been a strong rush to this time the accumulation of the number of people already over a million, and suddenly the big lords have suddenly became the focus of attention. Handsome man fidget cube honeydew ah, Proud wind seems to have heard the screams of women, silently to write a curl one s lip, on their own father, too strong charm quite helpless. The appearance of a large lord makes the chaos fidget cube 3d printer of the scene briefly stagnant, Qin Shuo four heart and Bi also refused to personal grudges, eyes a turn, fell to the ground lying on the inability to move the Blue Crystal Rat emperor body. Section VI, to expose I do not know when the night sky becomes clear and bright, hazy moon finally jumped out in the dark clouds. Moonlight in the night sky, only a few people parked, the most central is the four big lords, not far from the surrounding Dong Lin, Ye Yi and others, that eight injured Tianbang lord has retired from the down, stop In with them not far from the place. Four strong when the world s strong lords, is a vs three confrontation with the si.ghtly startled, as if by a heavy hammer hit the heart The softest place. He can not say what kind of look is the meaning of the eyes, but it is felt as if there is a very special feelings included in, of course, is not a negative emotion, but a more admirable than the worship of people feel warm and intimate feeling, people can not wait Will immediately holding hands to hold Looked proud of the wind exposed this look, he did not have the heart to blame her. Qin Shuo thought so, his mouth and smiles Well, but this time you really did a very good performance, greatly contrary to my expectations, I would like to congratulate you to fidget cube with different colors show their talents, a fame it. Hey, is this little guy is some time ago in the Barry door fame of the metamorphosis of a lord, called the cloud that Here, the other strong around is can not help but startled. Qin Shuo stature tall and healthy, looks on the shape and the rumors that the pursuit of the cloud does not match, and most of his body fluctuations only feel unfathomable, so even dressed like this, no one felt wrong , After all, the head of the body is fidget cube vinyl desk toy now more than that. And proud of the wind, and that the crystal ima.

aging mother s son, I will he die Chop the ice lord these few words of sonorous and powerful, domineering, the heroine of the arrogance of all do show. Snow God bow Crisp sound of drinking sound, cut the ice hand a move, a silver ice cold bow suddenly appeared in her side This huge bow was so high, snow white as feather like arm wing gorgeous exquisite, like an angel wings, the surface of the flow of a touch of silver light, the bow is fidget cube 3d printer also an faint feeling of excitement conveyed, do not need to personally Opened, a silver light storm has appeared fidget cube 3d printer in the bow when the automatic cohesion Everyone slightly surprised a moment, the collective exclaimed, eyes swept the extreme envy of the color. Is indeed the daughter of the big wind cut the lord, this magic device others really dreaming can not imagine But the envy of the envy, and no one dared to beat her idea, her strength is not to say, in the Northern Territory offend the wind big lord, that is really live impatient Proud of the wind also fell into a dismay, this Need for Life Lords treasure device, and her function of Ray Yan Sunburn guns are very similar to the use of methods are very similar, is sim.eaning can be compared That one of the overbearing Ruthless, cold strong, only shocked a lot of people shaking his legs a while soft, slaughter the dragon bear the brunt of the forehead sweat on the spot to take out, almost sat down on the ground But his days list of master s self esteem but does not allow fidget cube 3d printer him to fall, can only barely bite support, looking is a pale Even if I know that the strength of Qin Shuo on top of him, the Dragon command also did not expect this man was actually strong to this point Only one eye will have his master list of this day beat, the other has not shot ah To his spiritual esoteric, the general strong was a positive impact of this eye, I m afraid dead, really can be called with eyes to kill you Surrounded by the strong ice pits are also among the exposure, one could not help but aghast moving. The spirit of good terror esoteric, this is a very strong ah Strong, too strong And we are not a grade Qin Shuo sudden fidget cube clicker anger, making everyone down the collective suction a cold lump, once again look to his eyes a little more fear. You know, these are mostly around the lord class strong, there are many lords peak figure, but they ha.is obvious, and now dare to say that half is not a word it would be dead, maybe five days later there is little hope. See they died down, fidget cube powderblue no more words, Haichuan light hum soon, this turned around to see the proud wind This deal, do not know whether the crown is satisfied Section III on the eve of World War II Proud wind heart in fact some regret, if the sea, huff off this war UNITA, Barry door of the trouble to solve the whole, but the rattan boat this old guy is too crafty, this way, let them escape The unharmed. However, she certainly can not say these words, too much to extremes, Haichuan, after all, is a high status of the great lord, he even his son are disposed of, this time if not to his steps, and so on, maybe he will turn against people. On the condition is not based on the basis of failure, the scale of control should be properly, get the fish die is not fun to break the network. Proud of the wind indifferent smile, compliment the sentence, complex and said You this piece of camp is our people stationed in the place, and now our team because it is because we have a lot of people, We have to share a tent is enough, these days we will not be.

Fidget Cube 3d Printer the mountain Little cloudy little brother, you may not know here just arrived, but the lords are basically here to know, and his bi will be unearthed before the eve of a small scale outbreak of energy, but the energy outbreak of a wide range of locations , King Hill so much who do not know where, when the parties will be dispersed in the mountains around the place to find that piece of land, to find it to pass each other Lingzhu Ling Zhu communication, that is touring. Explained, in her letter to come after his attitude when he had fidget cube gray a big change. Qin Shuo followed by his words, look solemnly said The parties into the king of mountains that night into the ancient forest, must be dispersed into several small units action, it is opportunistic wounding a great opportunity, if encountered any enemies, And some teams like to eat black, will also deliberately provoke trouble to find people trouble.These northern clan are wolves, a lot of people in the strong, which King is also a big king of the mountain risk , Daze in the mountains do not know when there will be something to come out, you guys just like a few small teams in the main team, should not arbitrar.on mind is fidget cube 3d printer in all likelihood, if not the case, absolutely not a sudden acceleration of reason what People can be forced into the plight of the outbreak of potential, and proud of the wind talent, the outbreak of this potential seems to be taken for granted In fact, this time there is no arrogant wind break to the chaotic level esoteric, but the flight fidget cube promo code esoteric and speed esoteric complementary effect is extraordinarily sturdy, proud of the wind master the flight esoteric, the speed infinite close to the esoteric chaos level, this cast out , Just let her feel high spirited, very chic, but the idea of mind a little bit. Finally no longer be beaten Seeing the speed of the wind more and more arrogant, the fire is more and more eager to Beamon, so do not go ah This metamorphosis lord really metamorphosis to the extreme If the moment she realized what Han, bass to run out of shadow no more, and he also how and large forest lord accountable I can be considered a large forest lords sit down well known figures, most people will not me hands, gambling had to watch Huo eyes Beamon eyes passing a hint of color, head suddenly raised the bloodthirsty luster.